Marko Baloloy

Marko Baloloy I had my first volunteering experience, a tree planting activity, back when I was teenager. At first, it was just another past time gig to make use of my weekends. Not until I realized that one volunteer work led to another then another until today. I knew that I was strongly passionate about […]

Fatima Murawat

Fatima Murawat Coming from Pakistan, I have seen first-hand what the worst impacts of climate change look like. From people losing homes to flash floods to helpless wild animals crossing into cities in search of food after habitat loss, the victims of climate change are those that are often forgotten or unable to raise their […]

Melyssa Sigg

Melyssa Sigg I am a global citizen dedicated to leveraging my expertise and resources to drive positive social and environmental impact in developing countries. I grew up in Switzerland’s “Riviera Vaudoise”. Since then, I have spent most of my life exploring, living, and working in over forty countries, developing invaluable multicultural skills that enable me […]

Simon Gupta

Simon Gupta As a child, I often got in trouble trying to defend other kids from bullies. When I saw an injustice, I had to intervene. The impulse to right a wrong has always prevailed. Growing up, I wanted to travel the world as a war photographer and draw attention to the victims on site. […]

Antoine Gothuey

Antoine Gothuey I have always wanted to make positive impact in our world as well as gaining a better understanding of our societies and their dynamisms. After graduating with a Bachelor in International Relations from the University of Geneva, I did consider that my call was to become an international public servant. A handful of […]

Viktoria Samberger

Viktoria Samberger A couple of years ago, I have watched a video with a university graduation speech from Michelle Obama and what she said in this video, has stayed with me since then. “What others say or think about you, does not define you. And most importantly, it couldn’t hold you back!” Wow…! As a […]