Marion Voldan

Marion Voldan Growing up and until today, I possess the urge to leave a positive impact and I strongly believe in everyone’s responsibility. We can all make small changes and together we can shape the world. Growing up in Switzerland, I have always felt close to nature. I traveled, worked, and lived in several places […]

Noa Jay

Noa Jay I grew up in Sri Lanka during the civil war and travelled to many developing economies from an early age. This confronted me with the reality of living conditions in the global south as well as climate change in frontier countries. The possibility to address pressing real-world issues has become an essential goal […]

Melyssa Sigg

Melyssa Sigg I am a global citizen dedicated to leveraging my expertise and resources to drive positive social and environmental impact in developing countries. I grew up in Switzerland’s “Riviera Vaudoise”. Since then, I have spent most of my life exploring, living, and working in over forty countries, developing invaluable multicultural skills that enable me […]

Simon Gupta

Simon Gupta As a child, I often got in trouble trying to defend other kids from bullies. When I saw an injustice, I had to intervene. The impulse to right a wrong has always prevailed. Growing up, I wanted to travel the world as a war photographer and draw attention to the victims on site. […]

Tom Forntheil

Tom Forntheil When I was young, I was always told to ask questions if I want to know something. So I did, and never stopped. My curiosity has shaped my learning path and resulted in even more possibilities to ask questions and discover our planet. I am interested in many things but passionate about a […]

Viktoria Samberger

Viktoria Samberger A couple of years ago, I have watched a video with a university graduation speech from Michelle Obama and what she said in this video, has stayed with me since then. “What others say or think about you, does not define you. And most importantly, it couldn’t hold you back!” Wow…! As a […]