Tom Forntheil

When I was young, I was always told to ask questions if I want to know something. So I did, and never stopped. My curiosity has shaped my learning path and resulted in even more possibilities to ask questions and discover our planet. I am interested in many things but passionate about a few. Development finance is one of them. I have a strong belief in the global opportunity for businesses in developing countries. There are endless opportunities if you think beyond. Realizing that the ordinary is just too uninspiring, I am always keen about engaging with driven people and finding creative solutions. Anything is possible if you are determined to achieve your goals. This thinking encouraged me to go on a 500 km walk through Norway, live abroad multiple times, and encounter challenges as opportunities to grow. Being with Broadpeak enables me to work with entrepreneurs to exert effort to achieve their goals. I am glad to contribute to the improvements of many lives and foster economic growth in developing and emerging countries.