Melyssa Sigg

I am a global citizen dedicated to leveraging my expertise and resources to drive positive social and environmental impact in developing countries. I grew up in Switzerland’s “Riviera Vaudoise”. Since then, I have spent most of my life exploring, living, and working in over forty countries, developing invaluable multicultural skills that enable me to adapt seamlessly to new environments. Having a Mexican husband has allowed me to share in his passion for Latin America. Coming from a family of accomplished entrepreneurs, I was exposed to discussions about business and entrepreneurship from an early age, which helped me develop an entrepreneurial mindset and fueled my passion for creating and growing successful projects. With a political science academic background focused on international relations and climate policy, I have honed my analytical and writing skills, allowing me to tackle ambiguous problems, and contribute to meaningful global issue discussions. I graduated with honors twice. Each year, I set new challenges for myself, and most recently, I achieved second place in the elite category of a half marathon in Brazil. As part of the Broadpeak team, I am excited to apply my skill set to the field of development finance because I believe it is our responsibility to make the world a better place.