Simon Gupta

As a child, I often got in trouble trying to defend other kids from bullies. When I saw an injustice, I had to intervene. The impulse to right a wrong has always prevailed. Growing up, I wanted to travel the world as a war photographer and draw attention to the victims on site. But my path was different. After graduation, I bought a car and drove to Accra. This solo trip and my following one-year service in Ghana made one thing clear to me: The lives of people in developing countries can only be improved by a stable economy. Hence the most sustainable way to help the world’s poor is economic progress. I had found my calling. The following years I spent travelling and working in the field of developing finance across LatAm, Africa and Asia. Through my various assignments in more than 50 developing countries, I had many opportunities to experience the positive influence of impact investing on people’s lives. 20 years later, I decided to fulfill my calling. I founded Broadpeak, an international advisory company, based in Switzerland. Together with an amazing team I support all those who share the vision to apply impact investing in a targeted manner to improve people’s living condition. All around the globe.