Building back Nature III/III

What Role Can Grasslands Play in Addressing the Climate Crisis? Grasslands offer a dual benefit as nature-based solutions (NBS), functioning not only as carbon removal solutions but also as a means to conserve biodiversity. Given their significant potential, grasslands are increasingly being recognized as a key solution to help achieve our environmental goals. Broadpeak works with […]

Building back Nature II/III

How Crucial is the Role of Wetlands as a Nature-based Solution? Wetlands host nearly 50% of the world’s biodiversity and they contain about 35% of the Earth’s terrestrial carbon, making them significant carbon sinks. Therefore, they are one of the most important Nature-based Solutions (NBS) for mitigating climate change, protecting biodiversity and delivering ecosystem services […]

Building back Nature I/III

What Role can Forests play in tackling the Climate Crisis? We are facing multiple intertwined planetary crises, among them climate change, biodiversity loss and water security. Nature-based solutions (NBS) can make a significant contribution and forests serve as one of the largest and most cost-effective NBS in the form of interventions like conservation, reforestation, and […]

Racing Net Zero III/III

How can Wooden Buildings support the Net Zero Transition? Construction alone accounts for 40% of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. As the global push to reach Net Zero gains momentum, bio-based buildings are seeing a renaissance with mass timber being touted as a key solution to accelerate the transformation of construction towards carbon neutrality. […]

Racing Net Zero II/III

How can Direct Air Capture help to meet the Net Zero goal? It becomes increasingly clear that reducing emissions will not be enough to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. As per IPCC estimates, we also need to remove around 6 billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air every year by 2050 […]

Racing Net Zero I/III

What role can Carbon Capture and Storage play in meeting climate goals? As global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions continue to rise, it’s becoming clear that we need an increased focus on tackling the emissions of tomorrow through complementary Technology-based Solutions (TBS). To meet climate goals set forth by the Paris Agreement, we must first reduce […]