Our Partner:

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) is Switzerland’s governmental center of expertise for economic policy, which includes economic development cooperation. Together with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Peace and Human Rights Division of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, it is in charge of implementing Switzerland’s international cooperation. SECO was created in 1999 by the merger of the then Federal Office of Foreign Economic Affairs and the Federal Office for Economic Development and Employment. It is described at the time as a “superdepartment” for all things related to Economic affairs in Switzerland.

The Project:

The SECO Start Up Fund (SSF) offers financial support to start-ups that pursue market-oriented and socio-ecological objectives, particularly by creating jobs in the partner countries of Swiss Development Cooperation. Acting as an instrument of economic collaboration, the SSF supports high-risk investment projects by providing repayable loans on favorable terms. Through the SSF, SECO provides a unique opportunity to empower startups in developing countries, fostering sustainable economic growth and innovation.

Our Tasks:

Broadpeak was hired by SECO to manage the tender process for identifying the best-in-class asset manager for the SSF globally, in accordance with Swiss procurement standards. Our role involved meticulously preparing tender documents, including terms of reference and evaluation grids. As the intermediary between the candidates and SECO, we managed all communications. Subsequently, we evaluated the submitted proposals and conducted candidate interviews, enabling us to grade and rank the candidates effectively.

Our Deliverables:

We delivered various tender documents, including terms of reference and evaluation grids. Additionally, we provided a comprehensive analysis with the grading of received proposals from asset managers, organized interviews with asset managers, and compiled an evaluation report for SECO’s executive management, which included our selection recommendation.

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