Tender Agent

In line with international best practices for procurement, Broadpeak ensures the flawless execution of your tender process. We help you identify the most solid, competitive and innovative offer and support you in optimising your selection process.

Broadpeak is well versed in various procurement guidelines such as the EU tendering rules, various country-specific procurement rules and the FIDIC suite of contracts.

We also have experience with various procurement methods such as Request-for-Proposal (RfP) aka Call-for-Proposal (CfP), Invitation-to-Tender (ITT), Request-for-Quotation (RfQ), Invitation-to-Bid (ItB), Competetive Dialogue, Design Contest, Market Sounding, Innovation Partnership and Request-for-Information (RfI).

Broadpeak will assist you in selecting the most appropriate tendering procedure to suit your needs and requirements. Options generally include International Competitive Bidding (ICB), National Competitive Bidding (NCB), Limited Competitive Bidding (LCB), Price Quotation and Direct Award. Such procedures can usually be carried out as single- or two-stage selection procedures.

If desired, we can take over the entire tender process for you. This includes drafting, finalising and issuing tender documents such as terms of reference, evaluation matrix, pre-qualification documents and tender documents. We also evaluate the bids and negotiate the contracts with the bidders.

Like all our services, we are able to manage tenders in English, French and German.