Marko Baloloy

I had my first volunteering experience, a tree planting activity, back when I was teenager. At first, it was just another past time gig to make use of my weekends. Not until I realized that one volunteer work led to another then another until today. I knew that I was strongly passionate about environmental protection, restoration, and conservation but growing up in a developing nation, the Philippines, it is just not the way to go (simply put, there is no money in it). Until such time that the impacts of climate change became more evident affecting communities and economies, forcing governments and industries to act on it. This fueled my desire to get involved and to help make a change. After obtaining my bachelor degree, I made sure to work with crucial stakeholders i.e., the development institutions, national government, and the private sector. This broadened my horizon of collaborative environmental management, impact investing, and policy development that can surpass the global challenges as aimed through the SDGs. Working with Broadpeak allows me to realize my goal of a more resilient world with sustainable economies through development finance.