Fatima Murawat

Coming from Pakistan, I have seen first-hand what the worst impacts of climate change look like. From people losing homes to flash floods to helpless wild animals crossing into cities in search of food after habitat loss, the victims of climate change are those that are often forgotten or unable to raise their voices. Growing up, I always asked myself what I could do to improve the lives of people and animals who are most vulnerable to the devastating impacts of climate change. I got the answer during my first work placement at the Senate of Pakistan where I realized the importance of Public Policy in creating sustainable change, prompting me to take it as my area of focus. I believe that most of the world’s problems can be solved through informed policymaking and its effective implementation. I aspire to utilise my experience and knowledge to the benefit of Broadpeak’s partners and clients to work towards inclusive global public policies and sustainable economies to ensure that no one is left behind or forgotten in the race against climate change.